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A digital asset management solution, or DAM solution for short, refers to an intuitive and centralized system for storing, searching, accessing, and managing assets. What all counts as assets? This includes content such as images, videos, documents (for example PDFs), texts and audio files.


how can assets be processed uniformly, simply and effectively?

Assets are often distributed on different systems, servers and local computers – usually also in different versions. Therefore, it is not so easy to determine who has the latest version of a particular file. Such chaotic asset management severely impairs processes throughout the company.


our digital asset management: a modern, powerful single point of truth

From online stores to automotive groups: we configure an efficient digital asset management system for you in a cloud that can be accessed by all authorized persons at any time and from any location. Since it is a software-as-a-service product, or SaaS for short, updates are performed automatically by the system.

your advantages your advantages

cost saving through higher efficiencyglobal & unified accesseasily categorize, search and find media assets

all important featuresunited in one system

Our AI-powered DAM offers you several advantages such as automatic tagging, digital rights management or optimized project management.

questions & answers on digital asset management

what does a digital asset manager do?

A digital asset manager has the central task of efficiently storing, organizing and distributing digital content such as images and videos. This also includes the implementation of extended search functions to facilitate access to digital resources. Overall, digital set managers play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges of managing and using digital resources.

what does digital asset management involve?

Digital asset management involves the comprehensive management, organization and provision of various digital assets such as images, documents, photos, presentations and videos. A central media pool enables the efficient organization of large volumes of files in one place – and DAM also refers to the creation of new digital assets. Key functions include secure storage, effective management and the uncomplicated sharing and distribution of digital media such as images and videos.

why digital asset management?

Digital asset management is crucial for the efficient management and use of digital data in companies. DAM enables fast access, orderly organization and reduces operating costs through efficient use of resources. It always ensures up-to-date content and plays a key role in storytelling and marketing for higher sales. Our DAM software promotes effective collaboration and specialization in content production through central storage and systematic management of content.

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