User-centered HR process optimization

HR processes within the employee journey that are aligned with the needs of users and optimized in their interests are crucial for the satisfaction of candidates and employees. Whether this involves recruiting, onboarding, performance management or offboarding. With our HR process optimization, we identify the potential within the employee journey to increase the attractiveness of your company as an employer.


Without user-centered HR processes, the company will flounder

Employees are the most valuable asset a company has. HR processes tailored to them are an absolute must if you want to retain them in your company for the long term. The problem: user-unfriendly HR processes. As a result, no one wants to work within the processes and your employees are coming up with alternative ways to work around the cumbersome processes.


Ee design and optimize your HR processes

With our HR process optimization, we consistently focus on people and adapt HR processes based on feedback from the target group. The “Moments that Matter” play a central role here, as they have a significant influence on the emotional experience of your employees. Here, it is also important to address the career planning of each and every individual. In this way, you can generate lasting enthusiasm among your target group and create long-term loyalty among your employees.

“No Pain, no Gain! Only when we have precisely identified the pain points can we produce custom-fit solutions that pay off in enthusiasm.”
Lucas Senzel Director HXM-Transformation |
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Holisticoptimized HR processes

Through our holistic understanding of the Employee Lifecycle, we create links between processes to ensure the most seamless Employee Journey possible. The experience of the users always comes first for us. One-size-fits-all solutions do not exist for us.

Our approach

The approach of not thinking about HR processes primarily from the HR perspective, but rather focusing on the needs of candidates and employees, often leads to exciting and innovative solutions. This increases the attractiveness of your company among the target group and sets you apart from the competition. In terms of HR processes, we don’t just specialize in one topic – we feel at home in the entire Employee Lifecycle. Transparency and participation are key drivers of our work in process design and we love to redesign things.

In our HR process optimization, we start at the very beginning of the chain: We identify the pain points and thus create an approach to solve them. We achieve this by drawing on elements from user:centered methods such as design thinking. For example, we can gather the needs, desires, and pain points of users through interviews or focus group workshops.

It is not unusual for us to formulate this approach in the form of the following guiding principle: Candidate / Employee first. Hiring Manager second. HR third. A corresponding approach can lead to a potentially greater downstream effort for HR – but at the same time it also shifts the effectiveness of the processes in the intended direction.

Optimized HR processes in just a few steps

1. HR process analysis As-Is

At the beginning of our HR process optimization is the analysis of the initial situation. Our experts look at the current HR processes, discuss them with the users and identify the pain points. This enables us to understand what needs to be improved or which HR processes need to be optimized and how.


2. HR process optimization To-Be

Our HXM experts derive optimization potentials based on the identified pain points. In this way, we are able to improve the respective HR processes in a targeted manner and enhance the experience for the users so that it optimally meets their wishes and needs.


3. Insights through user:centered methods

Methodologically, we draw on elements from Design Thinking (such as focus group workshops or interviews – remote or on-site), as for us the “why” is central. It is essential to gain an in-depth understanding of the target group, as this forms the basis of HR process optimization. On this basis, real wow effects can be created that inspire and ideally play on the “Moments that Matter”.


4. Trend and best practice impulses

Especially when it comes to setting new impulses or developing solution approaches, best practice examples and trends are a helpful means of stimulating the user:inside and not letting them start from scratch. We open the mindset of the users and let new ideas emerge.

What are HR processes?

HR processes or human resources processes are carried out by the HR department of a company and comprise employee-related activities along the entire employee journey. This includes recruiting, onboarding and training of employees, as well as conflict management and future personnel planning. Successful HR processes are characterized by the fact that there is a positive employee:internal development as well as work culture. These contribute to the overall corporate goals.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Lucas Senzel
Lucas Senzel
Director HXM-Transformation Get in touch

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