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Exploit the full potential of LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is one of the most established social media channels for the professional and strategic communication in the B2B sector. Many companies use the platform, but do not exploit its full potential. The solution: further training and strategy development.


Lack of communications strategy and lack of resources

For many companies, LinkedIn is an an integral part of external, strategic corporate communication. But how is LinkedIn meaningfully integrated? What is the best way to use LinkedIn as a company? What goals can be pursued with LinkedIn? What role does your own team or employees play? And what do you need to consider with LinkedIn ads? All these questions usually remain unanswered due to a lack of a suitable LinkedIn strategy and the necessary resources.


LinkedIn consulting made to measure

Our LinkedIn experts will help you with their know-how in training and the development of a communication strategy for your company. For this we put together packages that meet your individual needs. Your company will also be successful on LinkedIn in the long term and achieves more reach.

Our services:

  • Audit & analysis of existing channels & activities.
  • LinkedIn workshops for strategy development.
  • Consulting & implementation of LinkedIn ads.
  • Training for employees (LinkedIn profile & usage basics, Sales Navigator).
  • Development & implementation of LinkedIn content formats.
  • Comprehensive support for corporate accounts.
  • Development & implementation of corporate influencer programs.


advantages advantages

increasing brand awarenesslead generationinteraction with stakeholders

workshops & analysesfor maximumb2b success potential

Our LinkedIn workshops and analyses help you to get the full potential out of LinkedIn and strengthen your brand. Together we build a strategy to make the best possible use of the B2B network for your business success.

Questions & answers about LinkedIn consulting & strategy

Why is LinkedIn so important for companies and what can you achieve with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional platform that offers companies a wide range of opportunities to achieve their business goals. A key advantage is the strengthening of the brand presence. This is achieved through the regular publication of high-quality content that underlines a company’s expertise and leading position in the industry.

Another goal that can be pursued on LinkedIn is the simple building of networks and relationships. The platform enables companies to make contact with other companies, experts and potential customers. This is achieved through active participation in discussions and networking with relevant people.

Talent acquisition is another important aspect that companies can achieve via LinkedIn. The platform offers the opportunity to recruit qualified specialists. This can be achieved by sharing company stories and building an attractive employer brand.

LinkedIn also enables the generation of new leads. Companies can attract the attention of potential customers by publishing relevant content and actively participating in dialogs.

Finally, LinkedIn is an effective platform for content marketing. Companies can publish different types of content such as articles, blog posts, videos, etc. to inform and engage their target audience. These and other reasons speak in favor of LinkedIn consulting.

How do I use LinkedIn as a company?

LinkedIn offers companies a platform to strengthen their presence and maximize business opportunities. First, create a complete company profile with relevant information about your products, services and corporate culture. Publish relevant content regularly to demonstrate your expertise and expand your network.

Ready for LinkedIn? Ready for LinkedIn?
Ready for LinkedIn? Ready for LinkedIn?
Ready for LinkedIn? Ready for LinkedIn?
Ready for LinkedIn? Ready for LinkedIn?
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