People Analytics with SAP® for evidence-based decisions

With SAP People Analytics, you are equipped for constant change, dynamics and complexity in human resources management (HR management). Make effective decisions based on up-to-date and evidence-based facts. Our experts lay the foundation for data-driven action with our people analytics and personnel planning solutions.


Formerly a niche discipline, now a key function

How can the quality of internal processes be assessed correctly and objectively? How do you recognize whether HR processes and measures are moving in the right direction or need to be improved? Every company needs meaningful KPIs in order to conduct successful HR management. Particularly with regard to employee life cycle management, it is crucial for companies to evaluate the quality of internal processes in order to determine whether HR processes and measures are moving in the right direction or need to be improved.


Effective with SAP HR analytics and management

With SAP People Analytics, we can provide sustainable data reporting solutions for a well-founded decision-making basis throughout the entire employee lifecycle and thus significantly increase both HR transparency and HR efficiency in the company. This gives you an overview of relevant key figures for your HR processes and also enables you to make concrete statements using special forecast models that take the full scope of the data into account.

advantages advantages

automatic provisioncentral decision-making basisfast implementation

customized people analyticssolutions fordifferent requirements

Our flexibly customizable SAP Analytics Solutions can be used to map a wide range of requirements in order to combine data from different areas and sources and present it in a uniform way. Depending on the operational HR system landscape (on-prem (HCM), cloud (SF), hybrid), there are different solution approaches: Reports, dashboards, planning models and forecasts can be implemented on the basis of SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Datasphere and/or in the SAP Analytics Cloud, for example.

Our services

  • Status quo analyses and analysis workshops.
  • Conception and technical system implementation based on SAP BW, SAP Datasphere, SAP BO and SAP SAC.
  • Development of standard and customized dashboards and front-end solutions.
  • Personnel planning.
  • Authorization concept and implementation.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Application Management Services (AMS).

Project accelerators & best practices

With the HCMPro packages, the SAP BW system (Business Warehouse) can be set up quickly and cost-effectively on the basis of SAP HCM (Human Capital Management). With the experience of more than 90 SAP HR BW projects, we provide you with a standardized, yet flexible SAP Analytics model in SAP BW, including SAP Analytics Cloud Reporting. You have the following HCMPro packages to choose from:

  • ProAdmin: with all the basics for personnel administration, prerequisite for the other two packages – required for ProTime and ProPayroll).
  • ProTime: with the most important information on personnel time management.
  • ProPayroll: all relevant information on payroll accounting.

We also offer you a wide range of SAP Analytics Services. Let our experts give you comprehensive advice.

BW Best Practice SF-EC

With the “BW Best Practice SF-EC”, we offer a flexible and dynamic solution for extracting data from SAP SuccessFactors via SAP Cloud Integration into SAP BW and consuming it via the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Questions & answers about SAP People Analytics

What is SAP People Analytics?

People analytics involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting personal data within the company. It links personnel data with other company data in order to recognize correlations, answer certain HR-specific questions and create a fact-based basis for decision-making.

What is SAP People Analytics used for?

With the help of people analytics, for example, data and key figures are made available with which the employee lifecycle can be measured, analyzed and optimized. The aim is always to recognize causes and correlations in order to derive well-founded and fact-based decisions. This is the only way to ensure an excellent employee experience.

Does People Analytics belong to HR?

People analytics must be an integral part of data-driven HR management. The employee lifecycle of a company can only be improved and optimized if an appropriate analysis and reporting system is available with which the relevant steps can be measured, analyzed and acted upon according to the results.

Ready for People Analytics? Ready for People Analytics?
Ready for People Analytics? Ready for People Analytics?
Ready for People Analytics? Ready for People Analytics?
Ready for People Analytics? Ready for People Analytics?
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