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Social spot “Never just drive”

Based on the Hyundai brand’s annual campaign “Never just drive”, various online and social media spots were produced for the i30 N & i20 N models, as well as an overall clip focusing on hard-hitting driving action. The clip was nominated for the International Motorfilm Award in 2022.

Hyundai is one of the most innovative car manufacturers in the world and was already developing alternative drive systems before the year 2000. Hyundai’s fundamental goal is to be a pioneer in the mobility industry. Be it in the automotive sector, robotics, commercial vehicles or other means of transportation.


Filming under extreme conditions

This time, the filming presented a challenge that was less of a technical nature and more of a result of the general circumstances. At the time of production, we were in the middle of an absolute lockdown, which meant that our production team was extremely short-staffed. The photos were taken on icy roads in the middle of winter. This not only pushed the crew to their limits, but was also correspondingly dangerous. That’s why we rely on professional drivers to ensure safety on the one hand and to be able to produce dynamic driving shots on the other. The extreme temperatures and the tight schedule made the situation even more challenging.


Fast-paced spot full of dynamism

Despite the absolute lockdown, we managed to master brainstorming, conception, shooting (production) and post-production in the shortest possible time, in icy temperatures, on risky roads and in line with the client’s budget.

In the end, despite all the adversities, we staged the two vehicles dynamically in front of the camera and produced an exciting social media spot by our in-house film team. Filming took place on the Rossfeld Panorama Road near Berchtesgaden and at the Triebwerk in Munich with the two main actors and professional racers Luca Engstler and Nico Gruber. The spot has become correspondingly fast-paced.

We are particularly proud that the clip has been nominated for the International Motor Film Awards 2022 in London in the “Best Commercial” category together with other well-known car manufacturers.


Best price-performance ratio

You get a balanced combination of quality, customer satisfaction, price and competitiveness.

More visability

Your brand will gain more visibility thanks to the strategic focus on targeted online advertising and the right target group approach.

Implementation strength

What sets us apart is our many years of experience with European campaigns. Our team is compact so that we can implement productions flexibly and quickly.
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  • Moving image
    You receive customized moving image concepts that are precisely tailored to your needs. We implement these from brainstorming to realization to the finished video.
  • Social Media
    We optimize your social media presence. For this we develop a strategy
    that suits your needs, implement them and create platform- and target group-oriented content with a focus on creativity creativity and added value.

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Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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