what is online marketing?

Online marketing encompasses all strategies and measures to market products and services online. As the Internet has become a central place for communication, information and business activities, online marketing is an important part of the marketing mix.

why is online marketing important?

In an increasingly digitalized world, online marketing gives companies the opportunity to reach their target groups effectively, build engagement, increase the visibility of their own brand and ultimately boost their sales.

what does online marketing involve?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): The optimization of websites to rank better in organic search engine results.
  • Content marketing: The creation and distribution of relevant and engaging content to appeal to the target group.
  • Social media marketing: The use of social media to increase reach, encourage interaction and build brand awareness.
  • Email marketing: Sending targeted emails such as newsletters to the target group in order to maintain customer relationships, draw attention to offers and promote conversions.
  • Paid advertising: Placing ads on platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram to target potential customers.
  • Affiliate marketing: A cooperation or partnership with another company or influencer to promote services or products.
  • Online PR: The dissemination of relevant information via digital channels to improve the image.
  • Web analytics: Data analysis to measure and improve the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion optimization: The optimization of websites and content to turn visitors into customers.
  • Mobile marketing: Marketing activities on mobile devices.

what is online marketing consulting?

Online marketing consulting is a service that supports companies in optimizing their online presence. This service includes the development of a customized strategy through to the implementation of specific marketing measures. This ensures that companies achieve their goals in the digital space. By continuously adapting to trends and technologies, online marketing consultants help companies to succeed in the ever-changing online marketing environment.

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