Have a customized image film produced: Give your brand a face & sharpen your brand identity

Having an image film produced helps your company to strengthen its brand identity, convey authenticity and build a deeper, emotional connection with customers, employees and other stakeholders. This gives you the opportunity to address target groups in a targeted manner, maintain your corporate image and communicate your corporate values.


Consistency of the brand identity

Companies often find it difficult to categorize image films correctly. We would therefore like to clarify this in advance: Having an image video created is not THE one solution for improved communication. It is important that the image film follows a well thought-out communication strategy and that the content is continuously developed.

There are also often problems with the embassy. Image films often fail because there is no clear, unambiguous message. Instead, as much information as possible is packed into the movie so that it becomes overloaded rather than making sense. Because image films are not explanatory videos. They serve to represent the core of your brand on an emotional level.


Comprehensive image film service for your brand

When advising you on your image film, we support you in developing the right messages to suit your company and your brand. We define your target group and how to address them, create the script and storyline and take care of design, production, post-production and ensure the right playout in the relevant channels. This enables us to work together to bring the core of your brand to the screen and shape your brand image with a special, lasting visual experience.

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Brand strengtheningCustomer bindingRecruitment & employee retention

Creative, experiencedflexible &committed

We have an experienced concept team that keeps an eye on the communication strategy right from the start. With our in-house production team, we are able to produce image films quickly, efficiently and creatively from A to Z. We generate the right visual language to match your brand image and style – whether using real images or animation.

We would like to find the best solution together with you. That’s why we focus on your needs. With us, you have a partner at your side who will provide you with comprehensive support and the best possible advice before, during and after the film production. This enables us to play your image film in the right channels so that it is seen by your target group.

Question & answer about image films

What is an image film?

Image films are used to present, sharpen and strengthen the image and identity of a company, brand or organization. The core values, messages and culture of the respective institution are conveyed in a creative and visual way. Image films can be used in a variety of ways – in marketing, for employer branding, for customer retention, at trade fairs and events or for corporate communications.

Do you want to produce a corporate film? We offer individual support!

With our experts, you can not only have an image film created. We pride ourselves on producing bespoke corporate films that present your message and your company in a unique way. Our experts have extensive experience in film production and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Among other things, we offer the creation of product videos and social media content. Our creative teams work with cutting-edge technology and an eye for detail to create films that reach your target audience at eye level. Contact us today to discuss your film projects!

Ready for image films? Ready for image films?
Ready for image films? Ready for image films?
Ready for image films? Ready for image films?
Ready for image films? Ready for image films?
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