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“Salty & Friends” – the creator cooking challenges

Salty & Friends – 70 years full of kitchen stories”: Under this claim we celebrated Bad Reichenhaller celebrates its big brand anniversary. While others celebrate their seventieth
on firecrackers, confetti rain and a wet handshake, Bad

Reichenhaller preferred to use this occasion to


media to really let off steam

on social media.

Bad Reichenhaller is a brand of Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke Salzwerke AG and stands for high-quality salt from the Depths of the Alps. Obtained from pure alpine brine, it guarantees the highest quality in seasoning, cooking and Baking. Hundreds of years ago, the “white Gold” from the Alps makes its place of origin famous made. Today, Bad Reichenhaller is the best known brand in the German table salt segment.

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More Information

Declining brand loyalty & corona

The Bad Reichenhaller brand has long been established. But newer generations of Consumers don’t have the same level of brand loyalty and may lookfor cheaper options – unless they are given the opportunity to interactwith the brand .

Under the original campaign name “Salty on Tour”, everything was prepared for a roadshow lasting several weeks with a Sprinter lovingly converted by Bullifaktur – which wasof coursecalled “Salty” .

The launch and the associated press event should take place as planned with many visitors. in the brand home Bad Reichenhall. Like so many other plans in the In early summer 2020, this fell through for the time being due to coronavirus. After a series of delays, it became necessary to revise the campaign in order to achieve our goals. reach. The indoor version of the campaign – “Salty & Friends” – brought to life and implemented accordingly.


Merging of brand & communities

The main players in the “Salty & Friends” campaign were creators who were to reach the Bad Reichenhaller community as well as their own through exciting cooking challenges. They are in constant contact with their communities. The aim of the campaign was to let the community get up close to the action, which was a challenge during the pandemic. To this end, the creators used their Instagram channels to call on people to take part in the respective cooking challenges under individual themes.

Two candidates were selected to cook against each other on site. At the same time, they were able to spend time with their favorite creators. The rest of the community was able to follow the cooking challenges via Instagram live streams. In this way
we used the reach of the


effectively and created additional content

that appeals to younger target groups in particular.
In the end, we brought the brand, creators and their communities together for a lively event – at a time when this was not so easy.


Image gain

The concept provided the perfect framework to create emotional closeness to the brand.


For the event, we collaborated with well-known creators to significantly increase the visibility of communication and content.

New target groups

The interesting and digital format and the participation of social media creators enabled the brand to reach a younger audience.
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  • Event support

    Our event team always provides the perfect framework for creating emotional closeness and communicating a brand to new target groups .

  • Social media marketing

    We create campaigns and concepts thatoptimize the control of your own and paid channels .
  • Creation
    Our creative teams enable the creation of assets, videos and images with original content that make campaigns unique .

“For a traditional brand like Bad Reichenhaller, it is a challenge to reach future generations and stay in touch with them. We use social media – especially platforms such as Instagram and TikTok – to create access to GenZ and address them in their everyday lives with communication aimed specifically at this target group. In this way, we also manage to be present in the mindset of future generations in the long term.”
Moritz Milewski
Team Leader Product Management & Head of Digital Marketing
Bad Reichenhaller
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Johannes Koziol
Head of Sales Co-Lead Agency Get in touch

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