Creation of an HR target image

Messe Frankfurt GmbH

HR target image

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair, congress and event organizers. In addition to operating its own exhibition center in Frankfurt am Main, the group is active in 188 countries worldwide through a sales network of 30 subsidiaries and more than 60 distribution partners.

Messe Frankfurt wants to position itself for the future with regard to its HR work, both in terms of content and technology. To this end, the project laid the foundation for an overarching exchange in order to derive the strategically relevant fields of action for HR and to record them in a joint vision including a target image. All this was done with the inclusion of best practices and impulses.

“The overarching exchange on strategically important HR topics within our department was an essential milestone for Messe Frankfurt’s future-proof alignment in terms of human resources. We have also laid the foundation for the upcoming HR IT transformation project.”
Michael Heinßen Division Manager Human Resources Management | Messe Frankfurt

Creation of a common and sustainable HR target image

As a company with foresight, Messe Frankfurt also wants to act in a visionary and strategic manner with regard to its HR work. For this purpose, starting with a scoping workshop, work was carried out successively on the description of central HR focus topics, including roles and responsibilities, in canvas format.
In the course of this dialog, the effort was to work out which roles will be more important in the future and in what quantity they will be needed.
The interdepartmental exchange was intended to create a basis for the participatory development of a common and sustainable HR vision. It was also essential to reach a consensus on the general direction of the company in order to develop the HR strategy in line with the needs of the business.


Identification of focus topics through workshops and interviews

As part of a cascade of workshops, the HR vision and strategy were successively developed and further refined across the various milestones. In this way, a total of 12 focus topics were identified that make a significant value contribution to the HR work of the future @ Messe Frankfurt. By focusing on participatory and agile formats , it was thus possible to integrate the different perspectives and then consolidate them in a joint exchange. This transparency, in particular, was of central importance in order to ensure maximum acceptance already during the process.



Derivation of an HR vision that is both effective and tailored to the future needs of Messe Frankfurt.


Cross-functional exchange within HR to create transparency and alignment.

Added value

Description of all HR focus topics in a canvas for clarity on the service portfolio: today and in the future.
Service areas

  • Change Management
    Interactive workshop formats involving various stakeholders, including appropriate communication.
  • Innovation
    Rethinking relevant HR topics, taking into account current pain points as well as key HR trends.
  • Transformation
    Consideration of the interfaces to the advised overall corporate transformation.

  • Design Thinking.
  • Change Story.
  • Workshop moderation.
  • Trend impulses.
  • Vision exercise.
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Lucas Senzel
Lucas Senzel
Director HXM-Transformation Get in touch

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