HR strategy consulting: development & implementation of your HR strategy

Working out a tangible corporate vision is critical to business success. An HR strategy stringently derived from this is at least as important. This is where we come in with our HR strategy consulting and help you formulate it.


Development of a long-term successful HR strategy

When deriving HR strategy, it is necessary to both incorporate market trends and prioritize key business issues to which they should pay attention. Based on this, HR can create a roadmap to achieve the identified goals. If the link between corporate and HR strategy is missing, this can lead to problems such as:

  • a lack of required skills
  • Continuing education that goes nowhere
  • a failure to meet the company’s targets.

Securing the future with our HR strategy consulting

With our HR strategy consulting, we support you not only in being successful in the here and now, but also in remaining so in the future. For example, our HXM experts look at your company in the context of a 5-year perspective in order to be able to specifically influence its future development. Because one thing is certain: HR will continue to play a central role in the future. For this reason, it is important to inspire people through innovation and vision and to shape the future of the company together with them.

“The corona pandemic in particular has once again changed the role of HR and made many more aware of the function’s strategic value contribution to the overall direction of the company. Accordingly, however, HR must also be given sufficient freedom for precisely this value-creating work.”
Lucas Senzel
Director HXM-Transformation
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achievement of the company’s objectivesstrengthening the position of HRtransparency of needs

Full support with our HR strategy consulting service

We think of HR holistically and always take the overarching corporate strategy as our starting point. The basis of your HR strategy is the business requirements. From this, we draw important conclusions for the procurement as well as development of competencies. In this way, we succeed in aligning the HR strategy with the business goals of your company. In addition, we not only support you in developing the HR strategy, but also show you which technical tools you need to implement it.



HR transformation with HR strategy consulting

To make HR’s vision tangible, we break it down into clear goals. In the next step, these must be translated into actionable measures that allow concretization in terms of both the HR strategy and the HR IT strategy. Technical solutions in particular have the potential to reduce administrative tasks through automation and simplification. This can relieve employees and create more capacity for strategically important work.

5 steps to the right HR strategy

Status quo analysis

First, we need to understand where your business currently stands and what your top strategic challenges are. The link between corporate and HR strategy is particularly important here.


2. HR target development

Together, we develop both the HR and the HR-IT target picture and answer the question of which functional as well as IT-related topics should be addressed. This helps to translate the strategic considerations into a tangible target picture in order to gradually move into implementation.


3. Roadmap development

Derived from the HR target picture, we develop the roadmap downstream. This makes it possible to present the defined topics along a timeline and to map both the next concrete steps and the dependencies. In addition, the roadmap shows the resources to be expected and the potential measures required in terms of change management and communication.


4. Scoping workshops

In order to take a solution-oriented approach to status quo analysis and HR and HR IT target development, we conduct scoping workshops. In this way, we succeed in sorting out the issues and creating clarity. In addition, these also offer the opportunity to involve relevant stakeholders across divisions and to capture the general issues.


5. Trends and best practice impulses

We share our market experience with you by presenting trends and best practices in the prioritized action areas. In this way, we ensure that relevant state-of-the-art topics are covered in HR strategy, HR IT strategy, and target development, and that new directions are also taken into account.

Derivation of strategic priorities

Also part of our HR strategy consulting: deriving strategic priorities. Together with you, we address these questions in order to arrive at an HR strategy that is optimal for you:

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Lucas Senzel
Director HXM-Transformation Get in touch

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