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The ebm-papst Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors. With over 20,000 products, ebm-papst offers suitable, energy-efficient and intelligent solutions for practically every task in ventilation and drive technology.


maximize attention

The social media landscape is diverse and if you want to keep the attention of your target group, your concept must offer a certain uniqueness. The challenge was not only to present ebm-papst as an attractive employer, but also to show its approachability and face while focusing on the entertainment factor.


approachability and humor

We therefore decided to use a well-known social media series, which we adapted accordingly for ebm-papst. This is how the Yes-No-No Challenge came about. It would not have been possible to present the individual professions and competencies of ebm-papst in an approachable and humorous way with general questions. Thanks to the corresponding concept incl. questionnaire made this possible.

Young, cheeky, colorful – but in keeping with the CI. An intro with recognition value and various individual clips were created for the series. As well as now indispensable for social media: Subtitles. The reactions were supported with appropriate overlays such as the wrong word, icons and button overlays in gaming character.

The editing lives from the speed and the reactions. We produced with two cameras, one of which filmed in slow motion. This allowed us to capture the moments of reaction perfectly and make optimum use of them in the edit. The transitions are quick and adapted to the viewing habits of the social media audience.

the concept

Many companies have already established a large presence on TikTok. That was decisive for the concept. The decision was made to let the brand go its own way and focus on the Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels. The focus was on content and the opportunity to reach other users.

The concept was developed to play out relevant content in a loud, cheeky and young way without losing its approachability. A key component was therefore the development of the questionnaire. In order to create a personal, natural atmosphere, background information about the participants was collected and they reacted spontaneously to situational content.

“For this project, we wanted to break new ground and offer ‘snackable’ content to present important company information in an entertaining way. Thanks to their extensive expertise and many years of experience as well as their good knowledge of the industry, mmmake has proven that they were the right choice. Before, during and after the shoot, they always responded flexibly and productively to our feedback. We are more than satisfied with the result and were also able to achieve our jointly defined goals.”
Carina Messner
Head of Social Media, ebm-papst Group
advantages advantages

first movertapping into new target groupsincreased attention


  • first mover
    The new series achieves a first mover effect for companies in the B2B sector.
  • Tapping into new target groups
    Thanks to the new format, a new target group is being tapped into on social media platforms.

  • Increased attention

    Through the targeted use of effects and the learned social processes, attention for the company is increased.

performance areas

  • Moving image

    Our motion team implemented the client’s wishes with a constant eye on the technical requirements of the platform.

  • Conception

    Our concept developers created a customized questionnaire for the protagonists.

  • Social media content

    Our extensive understanding of social media forms the interface between motion and conception.
ready for innovation
Johannes Koziol
Head of Sales Co-Lead Agency contact

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