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For us, change management is an integral part of every HR transformation. Particularly when companies introduce new system solutions and working methods change as a result, there is otherwise a risk of leaving employees behind on the change journey. It is therefore important to consider change management from the outset in order to prevent any resistance from arising in the first place. Are you facing such a transformation project and need support? With our change management consulting, we develop tailor-made solutions for your challenges and support you from communication to creative implementation.


inspiring employees for change

Successfully communicating and implementing change in a company is a complex undertaking, as it is usually a lengthy and arduous process. In addition, many transformation projects fail because they are not sufficiently tailored to the target group and there is a lack of appropriate communication and concrete measures, such as empowerment.


creative change management with emotion

We accompany and shape the change in your company. With convincing, fact- and data-based arguments and emotionally charged messages, we ensure that your employees see more opportunities than risks in the change. Our agency expertise also enables us to create central communication elements that are attractive and target group-oriented.

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digital & analog formatscreation of synergiestailor-made solutions

change managementfrom one source

We accompany your change process holistically with target group-specific content and an authentic change story. Our high level of implementation expertise, achieved in collaboration with our two other divisions, Agency Services and Software Consulting and Development, means that there are no limits to the design of creative campaigns: from logo design and moving images to interactive experiences in the metaverse.

what is change management and what types are there?

Change management is about anchoring far-reaching changes in the company in order to achieve specific goals. These can be driven from different directions: strategic, process or technology-based. The corporate culture can also be optimized through successful change management. In addition to planning, this also requires appropriate implementation and monitoring of these changes and successes in change management.

change management as the basis for successful transformation

A well-founded change story at the start of the transformation project is crucial. It helps to put key messages in writing and thus convey them consistently – regardless of who the senders are. This ensures clarity and structure in the change process and minimizes uncertainty. In addition, different channels can be used consistently. True to the guiding principle of any effective change management: Repetition creates certainty. With this approach, we promote trust among all relevant stakeholders and establish change as a new reality within the company.

our change management consulting at a glance

1. change story and change architecture

As part of the change story, we answer questions about motivation, status uo, objectives and the impact of the change. This is how change is initiated in the best possible way. By planning the communication, participation and empowerment formats within a change architecture, we create transparency and make the change tangible. This forms the basis for deriving specific work packages.

2. change impact analysis

To ensure that everyone involved has confidence in the change, it is important to create security from the outset. We achieve this by making change tangible in various aspects and highlighting the effects. A change impact analysis is helpful here, as it usually examines attitudes, behaviors, skills and organizational structure to determine what will be decisive in the future. In particular, we look at how the changes affect day-to-day work. It is also important to identify aspects that do not change in order to convey a sense of continuity in a time of change.

3. communication support

Creating a change story is a strategic process that must consider many perspectives. It then becomes concrete in the communication derived from this. We help you to transform logical arguments into emotional messages that inspire and increase acceptance of the change. With our agency expertise, we are able to develop creative and visual messages that bring your change to life in the form of meaningful images, moving image formats or innovative guerrilla campaigns.

4. creative implementation

We are convinced that a creative approach to the content of the change makes a significant contribution to facilitating an easier entry into the upcoming process and thus promoting commitment at an early stage. We therefore consider both the content and the creative design in equal measure. We translate our ideas into concepts that are both strong in terms of content and emotionally appealing. Already at the beginning we develop a project name including a meaningful motto or logo, which can be referenced again and again. This makes the change visible and tangible.

5. trend and best-practice impulses

Our in-depth understanding of the market enables us to accompany your change process with innovative concepts, current trends and best practices. This also allows us to give you assessments of the potential opportunities and risks of certain decisions and how best to engage different target groups.

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