Employer branding consulting for an attractive employer brand

Employer branding encompasses all measures that a company can take to strengthen its own employer brand and position itself as a suitable and attractive employer for candidates and employees. Basically, it’s about showing why exactly you should work at this company and not at the competitor. Consequently, employer branding always aims to have an impact both internally and externally.

In our employer branding consulting, we work with you to develop a successful and attractive employer brand in four steps – from initialization to implementation. As an agency for HXM topics, we bundle strategy, conception and creation into innovative approaches.


Positioning as an attractive employer

A shortage of skilled workers was yesterday – a fundamental shortage of employees is today. In addition, more and more people want to work part-time or show a generally higher willingness to change jobs. The question of whether the employer’s offer matches personal expectations is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In order to ensure the future viability of your company in this market environment, it is necessary to adapt to the current needs of employees. This can be achieved by developing and validating your own employer brand and by establishing sustainable strategies for attracting and retaining employees.


Holistic employer branding consulting for a strong employer brand

We guide you in developing an authentic, relevant and unique employer brand. To do this, it is first important to gain an in-depth understanding of your own critical target groups. This allows us to consider and address the preferences in your positioning (relevant). By comparing with the competition on the labor market, we ensure that your offers are sufficiently special (unique). We also take into account the communication of specific company characteristics and facets and keep an eye on emerging fields of action (authentic).

This gives us different perspectives on your company that contribute to the development of a relevant, differentiated and authentic employer brand. The early involvement of candidates and employees in the process ensures the necessary acceptance.

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Bundledconsulting &agency-power

We are convinced that employer branding can only work internally and externally if both the strategy and implementation processes are optimally aligned. That’s why we take an interdisciplinary approach right from the start of a project and use both our consulting and agency expertise. This has two advantages:

  • Creating synergies between planning and implementation
  • as well as the development of innovative ideas and solutions.

How we achieve this? We start early with the creation of first drafts in order to validate them together with the relevant target groups. In this way, we pay tribute to our company-wide guiding principle of an overarching experience and create formats and employer branding campaigns that inspire and convince.

4 steps to successful employer branding

In our experience, the development of the employer promise is divided into four phases:

  • Initialization
  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Implementation
1. Initialization

At the beginning of the project, we identify the target groups you want to reach. For this purpose, we use a holistic target group matrix. However, for the later creation of your employer promise or Employer Value Proposition (EVP), we recommend focusing especially on the critical target groups. These are precisely the people who are strategically important for your company but are hard to find on the labor market.

2. Analyze

In the next step, we enter into an exchange with your target groups to identify and combine the key data sources: current and future preferences of your target groups, the competitive situation of your company on the labor market, and your employer characteristics. In this phase, it is particularly important to obtain a comprehensive view of you as an employer by involving candidates, employees, HR, the business and the management.

3. Conception

Both your company’s strengths and weaknesses are important in developing your EPP. While strengths are used directly for your employer positioning, we consider weaknesses as fields of action that are optimized directly in the process at best. In this way, you succeed in transforming them into offers at an early stage that are also relevant and authentic for your target groups. This leads to adding these aspects to your employer promise.

4. Implementation

The transfer of your strategically and conceptually derived EVP into a suitable creative concept with subsequent implementation is a challenging task. Often, valuable information is lost when the EPP is handed over to a creative agency. Here, the close cooperation between our consulting and agency right at the beginning of the project brings great advantages, as implementation ideas for internal and external communication can be continuously derived and enriched.

We have a versatile set-up and can thus map all formats from authentic moving images to meaningful, static images or texts. In this way, we gradually bring your employer brand to life and make it tangible for employees and candidates.


What is good employer branding & what measures are taken?

Good employer branding is a long-term strategy and is characterized by an authentic employer brand. It ensures that qualified applicants are addressed and existing employees are motivated. Various measures are available to achieve this goal. This includes the development of a corporate culture and clearly defined values as well as transparent communication, flexible working conditions and fair compensation. It is crucial that the needs and expectations of the employees take center stage.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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