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website consulting for strategy & conception: strengthen your market position

The right website strategy helps companies reach their target groups and thus strengthen their market position. In this way, you can increase your lead generation and conversion rates with the optimal combination of design, technology and website content.


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website-strategy: getting the most out of your website

Whether it’s a website relaunch or a complete redesign: the website should not only look good and give a high-quality first impression, it should also reach users and offer functional added value. Meaning, you need to ensure the right design for the website, the right features, as well as the highest usability possible.




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With our website consulting you get more than just a functioning website. In addition to a website concept, we create the design and help develop your website. Whether it’s a new website or a relaunch, we work with you to create the master plan for your website and advise you on the best way to meet your company’s needs.

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We stand by our customers as a long-term partner. In addition to design and usability, we also take care of the security of your website.

questions & answers on website consulting

what belongs in a website concept?

A carefully developed website concept defines clear objectives, takes into account the needs of the target group by creating buyer personas, plans the site structure and the visual concept. In addition, content is precisely defined and important technical aspects such as the content management system (CMS) are taken into account . Well-known examples of this are WordPress and TYPO3. There are also hosting and security measures. In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in ensuring that the website can be found by users.

what does professional website consulting look like?

Professional website consulting strives to create an effective online presence for our clients by integrating target group analysis and business objectives. The emphasized user-friendliness and clear messages motivate visitors, while relevant content increases attention and supports SEO. Legally compliant design with a focus on data protection is key. Continuous optimization of all websites to changing conditions is recommended.

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