what does hr transformation mean?

HR transformation refers to the comprehensive change and modernization of a company’s HR department. HR transformation aims to make HR processes more strategic and efficient. This transformation process includes the introduction of new technologies, the restructuring of work processes and the adaptation of HR strategies.

why do we prefer to talk about hxm transformation rather than hr transformation?

Transformation is on everyone’s lips and an integral part of our lives. HR topics that deal with change and (digital) transformation are generally subsumed under HR transformation. There is nothing wrong with this, but the abbreviation “HR” for “Human Resources” suggests that people can be regarded as resources. And we want to consciously distance ourselves from this in our philosophy at mmmake. This is why we use the term HXM transformation, where “HXM” is the abbreviation for “Human Experience Management”.

why is hxm-transformation important?

People and their needs change over the course of a lifetime. Different generations with different characteristics are not an artificial construct, but an integral part of our society. There is no room here for “we’ve always done it this way”. It is much more important to make upcoming changes transparent and to raise awareness of the associated implications at an early stage. Arousing curiosity, radiating courage and embodying confidence are our central premises here. And if we have aroused your curiosity, we would be delighted if you were brave enough to contact us. Because we are very confident that we can develop the best solution for your challenge together with you. Because that is exactly what drives us: We want to inspire through ideas and convince through DOING.

what does hxm transformation mean for us?

By focusing on the two words “Human” and “Experience”, we want to clarify what we consider to be the essence of our daily work. We focus on people and their individual needs (Human) and design offers, measures and visions that are primarily intended to evoke one thing: positive emotions (Experience). We therefore formulate our claim as follows in a short vision statement: “Transforming HR by creating Employee Experience.”

which topics do we cover within hxm-transformation?

Our service portfolio within HXM-Transformation covers the entire employee lifecycle – from “Attract & Recruit” to “Offboard & Keep in Touch”. As a result, we are also experts in employer branding and rehiring and therefore also cover aspects of the candidate and alumni experience.

We design individual HR and HR IT strategies that are stringently derived from the overall corporate objectives and identify necessary fields of action. In most cases, our consulting services go hand in hand with the optimization of HR processes in order to implement the strategic considerations consistently and tangibly within the company.

Together with our technology experts, we are also frequently involved in digital projects at the interface between people, processes and systems and ensure tailor-made change management along the three central pillars for us: communication, participation and empowerment. In this way, we make a valuable contribution to employee acceptance and thus to the corporate culture.

We focus on individuality and creativity for all the challenges mentioned. For us, an HXM transformation can only succeed if it is charged with appropriate storytelling that appeals to and addresses the various target groups.
To this end, we regularly draw on the expertise of our agency, which specializes in translating content into tangible messages. Where possible, we therefore rely on a mix of strategy (content) and creation (emotion).

ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
Lucas Senzel
Lucas Senzel
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